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Sebastian Gomez 是一位热情洋溢,平易近人的老师,来自哥伦比亚。他毕业于贝尔格拉诺大学战略管理专业硕士.
Sebastian Gomez is a passionate and easy-going teacher who comes from Columbia.He graduated from University of Belgrano in Argentina and got a master degree in strategic management .
Christian Nalls 来自美国,是一位风趣幽默的老师。他毕业于东北伊利诺斯州大学管理学士。
Christian Nalls is cool and funny guy who comes from USA. He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University and got a bachelor degree of management.
James A Keating 来自美国,是一位严肃认真的老师。他毕业于伊利诺伊大学厄巴纳―香槟分校教育学硕士。
James A Keating ,is a strict and serious teacher who comes from USA. He graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and got a master degree of education.
Rosemary Wanda Stadholm Doyle 来自爱尔兰,是一位活泼开朗的老师。她毕业于爱尔兰国立高威大学考古学和古典文学学士。她上课有趣幽默,能带动气氛,学生们都很喜欢上她的课。
Rosemary Wanda Stadholm Doyle is a lovely and cheerful teacher. She graduated from National University of Ireland and got a bachelor degree of Archaeology and classical literature.
Her class is full of humor and she can lead the atmosphere of class, so students are very fond of her.
Rico M. Graf von Liss来自德国,是一位有智慧又优雅的老师。他毕业于卡蒂夫大学商学院工商管理硕士。专注于国际经济、战略及国际商务管理领域。
Rico M. Graf von Liss is a resourceful and elegant teacher who comes from Germany. He graduated from Cardiff University Business School and got a MBA.  Focused on International Business Management  Economics, he has many experience in these field.       
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